Although meat is an important part of one’s diet, eating too much of it might be harmful to your health. This doesn’t mean that you should cut those delicious steaks from your lunch completely, but it is good to be informed about what an excessive intake of meat can do to your body.

I wants to look after your health and highlight 11 risks that you might encounter if you indulge yourself in too much protein. Check the bonus as well to see how large a steak should be.

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1. You could develop Kidney Stones.


Animal-based proteins have a…

Tongue is Small, But Big in Expression!

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A double chin forms due to genetics, aging, and weight gain. But, as it turns out, there’s another reason: improper tongue posture. The good news is that it’s possible to get rid of this physical feature. Younger people, with skin that is tight, can improve their face contour dramatically after removing fat.

I figured out what we’ve all been doing wrong. Now it’s time to correct your tongue posture and finally get that gorgeous jawline you’ll keep forever.

What we usually call a “double chin” is the fullness that forms under the chin. We all have a bit of fat…

If you go to a restaurant in a Western country, you will likely receive a large glass of water with ice and lemon slices, but in Japan, you might only get a very small cup of water. The Japanese believe water can interfere with your “digestive fire,” making it more difficult for your body to digest a meal.

And although staying properly hydrated is crucial for your overall health, downing glasses of water along with your meals may do more harm than good.

I also used to sipping water during our meals. And we did our research to find out…

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Sks There are about 29 muscles in the human foot. And after a hard day at work or long periods of standing, it may seem like each and every one of them is screaming.

I understand this feeling quite well and can help you deal with it. With the following tips, you should be able to treat yourself and relax — and your feet will thank you later.

1. Try A Sensory Walk.

A Sencory walk is an activity where you walk barefoot on various textures. …

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If you’ve ever wondered why people never appear to have morning air in romantic film, you aren’t alone. The fragrance that emerges from your mouth as soon as you wake up is common in most of us.

And if even though many may feel embarrassed about it, from time to time, everybody feels weak morning air. And some of your daily behaviours might be responsible for it, as it points out.

I accept that a bad breath awakening is not a pleasant way to start the day. …

If you’ve ever enjoyed your favorite Japanese dish and woke up the next morning looking swollen, you might be familiar with what Julianne Moore calls a “sushi face.”

The actress says she never eats sushi the night before a big event because she knows her face will be puffy. While we commonly associate certain foods with stomach bloating, as it turns out, some of them may make your face puffy as well.

I also love sushi and we’re not ready to give it up completely. …

Get Know Before Sleep

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It would not influence your sleep if you get a cup of coffee late in the evening. No, this isn’t a theory, rather it’s a case of science. We may have learned numerous stereotypes about good sleep and sleeplessness, but all of them are simply incorrect.

I have tested the 10 theories regarding insomnia and healthy sleep in general and would like to share with you what we have found.

Myth 1: It’s almost easier to have extra sleep when stressed.

Each of us may have learned that when struggling from depression, sleeping is beneficial, but scientists have discovered a rather interesting detail, known as “extreme paradoxical insomnia.”

Relatively lately, it…

Whether you work from home or in an office, headaches are never welcome. Surprisingly, strong winds or even your bra could be giving you headaches. Here’s a fact you might not know — headaches can be inherited. This means that if one of your parents suffers from regular headaches, you might have a 50% greater chance of getting them as well.

I put together a list of little changes you can make while sitting at your desk, so you can avoid painful, throbbing headaches and enjoy your day.

1. Dim the Lights.

Bright lights and glare can trigger headaches — you can avoid this…

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Magic is in the air in the Winter, just not for all. It’s possible that you’re struggling from so-called Winter Depression if you’re trapped at home, grumpy, and exhausted.

We are less active and energetic when the weather is cold. As a consequence, we’re stressed out and uninspired to do so. But don’t worry; Positive Side is on your side. Here are few suggestions to help you beat the winter blues.

• Reduce the sum of Blue Light.

Because of blue light, the circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) is disturbed. When you’re open to light for a prolonged amount of time, your melatonin development slows.

You can feel…

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The Mango is often referred to as the “King of Fruits” in some parts of the world. The reason may be because mangoes are not only delicious but also contain a lot of health benefits.

I found some convincing reasons why you should ditch other sugary snacks and replace them with mangoes instead.

1. You Will Have Less Wrinkles.

A recent study showed that the subjects who ate a half cup of mangoes 4 times a week saw a 23% decrease in deep wrinkles after 2 months. …

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Health Magazine Writer | Santa Monica University | LA

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